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GMX Magnetic Water Conditioning, No Salt or Chemicals, Eco Friendly to the EnvironmentEath Day April 22 lets be Enviromentally Eco Friendly to Earth

GMX is Not a Water Softener -
GMX is a Water Conditioner

Don't pollute the environment with a salt or chemical based water conditioning system. A water softener can consume hundreds of pounds of salt per year. This salt then goes into the freshwater ecosystem. Some communities have even banned the use of chemical water softeners.
This is due to the fact that too many people are carelessly adding salt/mineral brine flushing water to the sewer systems. After sewer water is treated, it is eventually replaced back into the environment (rivers, etc.). Thus ... salt water is being added to a fresh water environment. Over time this does a lot of damage to the local ecosystem water supply and, in terms of plants and animals.
GMX Magnetic Water Conditioning Systems use no salt or chemicals; while, salt or chemical water softeners require electricity to operate, and water for regeneration and back flushing. GMX Magnetic Water Conditioners require no salt, no electricity, and no wasting of fresh water. GMX units are even great for ponds, fountains, pools, and spas to prevent scale build-up!

GMX is the environmentally friendly system.

Mineral Scale build-up within the pipe of a plumbing system that GMX magnetic water conditioners can eliminate.

GMX Magnetic Water Conditioning Systems are the modern way to condition water; such that, the minerals in the water will not scale up to cause problems that are now present in your water. GMX Magnetic Water Conditioners use focused magnetic fields to alter the minerals and water to change the conditions that cause hard water problems. GMX reduces scale and eliminates hard water problems - GUARANTEED.

The U.S. Department of Energy reports:

"These technologies (magnetic) can be used as a replacement for most water softening equipment. Specifically, chemical softening, ion exchange, and reverse osmosis (RO), when used for the control of hardness........"

U.S.A. Department of Energy
To Read Copy
of the Article
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- Actual Article -
U.S. Department of Energy Website

Federal Technology Alert #DOE/EE-0162
Non-Chemical Technologies for Scale
and Hardness Control
January 1998
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Mineral Scale Build-up inside of a water heater that GMX Magnetic Water Conditioners can Eliminate.

Hard water that is used in homes, offices, factories, and other buildings causes scale build-up. This scale build-up damages equipment and costs more energy to operate.

Water heaters are the biggest energy problem caused by hard water. Scale build-up reduces heat transfer. A scale build-up of just 3/8" uses 55 percent more energy, according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (formally the U.S. Bureau of Standards).

Scale build-up also reduces heat transfer in heat exchanges and cooling towers, resulting in higher energy and chemical cleaning costs.

Boilers are also affected by scale build-up just like water heaters. A loss of heat transfer efficiency increases the energy usage along with the maintenance time and expenses.

The GMX Water Conditioners clamp on the
outside of existing water pipes, there is no
need to do any plumbing work.

In Gas and Diesel engines, the GMX Magnetic Fluid
Conditioners help to break hydrocarbon chains in the fuel.
This conditioning effect allows a more complete combustion,
thus helping to improve fuel efficiency and reduce harmful emissions.
This can also help reduce carbon & varnish build-up in engines.
The additional benefit to all of us is a cleaner environment
were less fuel is burned, and what is burned will be less polluting.

All materials used are of the highest quality.

Made in the U.S.A.
by skilled craftsman.

Limited LIFETIME Warranty

~ Manufacture will repair or replace the product, in the event of a manufacturing
   defect in materials or workmanship upon the return of the defective product.
~ Neither Labor nor Transportation is covered in this warranty.
~ Manufacture is not responsible for any damage resulting from
   improper installation labor, or installation materials.
~ Warranty does not cover damage resulting from abuse, accident, alterations, wrongful
    application, or modifications to equipment.

GMX Magnetic
Water Conditioners
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